Artistic Directors

The Artistic Director is the most senior artistic staff of a ballet company and is responsible for developing and promoting the vision and focus of a company. Throughout the National Ballet’s 70 year history there have been a number of memorable and enigmatic Artistic Directors that have continued to carry out Celia Franca’s vision for the company and have continued to earn The National Ballet of Canada an international reputation for excellence. 

1951 - 1973    Celia Franca
1973 - 1974    Celia Franca & David Haber
1974 - 1975    David Haber
1975 - 1976    Celia Franca
1976 - 1983    Alexander Grant
1983 - 1986    Erik Bruhn
1986 - 1989    Valerie Wilder & Lynn Wallis
1989 - 1996    Reid Anderson
1996 - 2005    James Kudelka
2005 - 2021    Karen Kain
2022 -             Hope Muir 


Executive Directors

The Executive Director holds the highest administrative position in The National Ballet of Canada and is responsible for managing a network of departments ranging from Finance to Education. While the Artistic Director of the company is concerned with producing the highest quality productions possible, the Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company, ensuring that it can support the artistic excellence that has come to be expected. Throughout the National Ballet’s 60 year history our administrative leaders have seen the company through artistic triumphs and administrative growth both at home and abroad. 

1951                Stewart James, Company Manager
1951 - 1955    Walter Homburger, General Manager
1955 - 1964    Carman Guild, General Manager
1964 - 1966    Anthony Lawless, General Manager
1966 - 1967    John H. Wilson, General Manager
1967 - 1973    Wallace A. Russell, General Manager
1973 - 1979    Gerry Eldred, Administrator
1979 - 1996    Robert Johnston, Administrative Director
1996 - 2002    Valerie Wilder, Executive Director
2002 - 2014    Kevin Garland, Executive Director     
2014 -             Barry Hughson, Executive Director

Music Directors

The Music Director oversees the musicianship of each National Ballet of Canada Orchestra performer and the artistry of the orchestra as a whole. In addition to leading music rehearsals, the Music Director is the Principal Conductor of the orchestra.  During performances, the Music Director is not only responsible for guiding the orchestra, he must also watch the dancers to ensure that the orchestra and the performers on stage are equally paced. Throughout The National Ballet of Canada’s 60 years history there have been only four Music Directors, each of whom has striven for musical perfection. 

1951 - 1984    George Crum 
1985 - 1990    Ermanno Florio 
1990 - 2006    Ormsby Wilkins 
2006 -              David Briskin  

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