Siphesihle November

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Siphesihle November

Siphesihle November. Photo par Karolina Kuras.


Siphesihle November was born in Zolani, South Africa and trained at Canada’s National Ballet School. Mr. November joined The National Ballet of Canada as a member of the Corps de Ballet in 2017 and was promoted to Second Soloist in 2019.
“25 to Watch: Siphesihle November… His buoyant jump and clean lines were honed at Canada’s National Ballet School, but he possesses a charisma that comes from his early years dancing to kwaito”
Dance Magazine

Mr. November recently made his debut as Lewis Carroll/White Rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He has danced such roles as Bluebird in The Sleeping Beauty and Puck in The Dream and in such ballets as The Nutcracker, The Winter’s Tale, Nijinsky, Anna Karenina, The Four Seasons, The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude, Emergence, Being and Nothingness, Paz de la Jolla, Night and The Dreamers Ever Leave You.

In 2019, Mr. November won The International Competition for The Erik Bruhn Prize.

Mr. November was featured in a documentary, Beyond Moving, which follows his journey from Zolani, South Africa to Canada’s National Ballet School and The National Ballet of Canada. 

Beyond Moving Teaser

Q et R

1. How did the documentary Beyond Moving come about?

Beyond Moving started as a short documentary following five or six stories about the joy of dance surrounding Canada’s National Ballet School. The goal was to present these stories as a way of making ballet more accessible. The decision was made to focus on my story as a stand alone piece and to make it into a feature length documentary.

2. How long did it take to film?

The first time we shot was in 2014 while shooting a promotional piece for Canada’s National Ballet School. Later when the opportunity arrived to shoot a greater part of the film, we shot all the way through until mid 2018. The post production and editing started in 20 décembre17 and went on till mid 2019.

3. What was your favourite moment in the documentary?

My favourite moment in the documentary is when my friend, Ryan and I go back to South Africa to visit my family and the students at our dance school. Sharing my roots with my best friend and getting to perform for my community was really special.

4. Looking back, what was the most defining moment in your path to the stage?

There isn’t one defining moment. The entire journey has been one big moment and it’s only the beginning.

More Information on Beyond Moving >

Siphesihle November is sponsored through Dancers First by Jerry & Joan Lozinski.

En bref

Lieu de naissance : Zolani, South Africa
Formation : École nationale de ballet du Canada
Membre du corps de ballet depuis : 2017
Second Soloist since:  2019


La Belle au bois dormant
“With his debut as Bluebird in Rudolf Nureyev’s production of The Sleeping Beauty last spring, National Ballet of Canada corps member Siphesihle November quickly established himself as the rightful heir to one of the most challenging male parts in the classical repertoire.”
— Dance Magazine

The Dream
“His Puck had a charm, buoyancy and mischievousness that made the role very much November’s own.”
— Dance International

L’Être et le néant
“Corps de ballet member Siphesihle November was brilliant in "The Sink" – an athletic solo that starts with the mundane act of shaving and ends with floor work and high flying jumps.”
— Dance View Times

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