A Wellness Series For You

The National Ballet of Canada's new Wellness Series, produced by the Celia Franca Society, is designed to feature topical information sessions about living well and planning for the future. Exclusive to donors and subscribers, this fall's Wellness Series consists of three, 45-minute interactive “lunch and learn” webinars and one, 90-minute presentation to end the series.

Please RSVP via 'My Account', email or by phone: 416 345 9595.

Aging with Confidence

Marion York
Tuesday, 20 octobre | 12:15 ET

Have you considered a roadmap for aging? If it is vital for you to stay independent, and age with dignity, then you need to start planning now. It doesn’t just happen. To have choice, control and freedom in your later years, not only do you need to have a plan, you need to communicate your plan.

During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • What aging with dignity looks like for both older adults and their caregivers
  • Available resources so you can take action now
  • The importance of “difficult” conversations

Let's start creating your plan, so you can age with confidence.

Marion York is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and a Certified Fund Raising Executive. En savoir plus >



Preparing for Your Estate Planning Expedition

Yeti Agnew
Tuesday, 27 octobre | 12:15

Estate planning helps you organize your assets for future disposition to the persons and causes that have made your life meaningful. How can you best prepare for meeting with the lawyer who will be helping you maximize the good you can do with your wealth – be it sizeable or more modest?

Yeti Agnew, Legal Sherpa® Lawyer
Yeti Law Professional Corporation
En savoir plus >



Your Financial Health in Pandemic Times

Karen Sparks
Tuesday, 3 novembre | 12:15 ET

Never let a good crisis go to waste. When was the last time you reviewed your wealth plan, including your estate plan? Now, as we close out this “annus horribilis” it’s time to take stock of your financial affairs. Are you missing out on tax-efficiencies and other opportunities? During this session, you will learn:

  • Your financial health is as important as your mental and physical health
  • How to include philanthropy in your plan without compromising other needs and goals
  • Wealth Planning tips in a time of uncertainty

Karen Sparks, MBA, CFP, TEP, Director, Wealth Planning, BMO Private Wealth. En savoir plus >



Income Tax Reduction and Estate Tax Elimination

Keith Thomson
Tuesday, 10 novembre | 10:30 ET
90 minutes

The number one worry of amongst older adults is outliving their retirement income. The second worry is how to leave more to loved ones. During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Minimize or even eliminate taxes on your estate
  • Avoid double taxation on your “red” retirement accounts
  • Bypass paying upfront capital gains taxes when selling your investments
  • Convert assets into an income you can’t outlive and leave a lasting legacy

Our government wants you to save taxes and leave more to your estate! Take 90 minutes and learn how to reduce the impact the Canada Revenue Agency has on your net worth.

Keith Thomson of Stonegate Private Counsel is a licensed Chartered Investment Manager, Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow of The Canadian Securities Institute. En savoir plus >

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