Digital Event FAQs

Q: Why do I have to RSVP for digital events?
A: RSVPs allow us to contact you with a reminder for the event or to provide any last-minute updates. The National Ballet also would like to record the number of attendants so we can collect accurate data and metrics around the digital events. 
Q: How do I RSVP? 
A: To RSVP, use ‘My Account’ or email your membership group
Patrons’ Council at
Friends’ Corps at
Turnout at
Q: How do I watch a digital event? 
A: All guests who RSVP will receive an event reminder email with a watch link 12 – 24 hours in advance of the event. If you do not receive the email please contact us via the email addresses above. 
Q: How should I set up my device? 
A: If you are using a laptop, computer, tablet or phone, ensure you have a strong internet connection and that your device is fully charged. Also, be sure to turn your volume on and at a comfortable level on your device. 
Q: Can I ask questions during the event?
A: At this point, there is no chat function between the viewer and the guests who are live streaming.
Q: Can you see me during the event?
A: No. Only the dancers, participants and moderators who are live streaming will be visible. You can see them, but they cannot see you. 
Q: I can only see a slide with “Stay Tuned” – when will the video start?
A: The video will start automatically when the event begins. It may be a few moments late if we are experiencing any technically difficulties. Otherwise, refreshing your webpage may help.
Q: What if there is a bit of a lag between the sound and picture, or the audio sometimes cuts out?
A: There could be a number of factors. We suggest refreshing your webpage to see if that helps. Otherwise, there could be internet connection issues with our participants that affects the stream. We endeavour to address any issues to ensure we’re providing an optimal experience as best we can.
If you're having trouble with the event, try refreshing your browser page to see if that helps.
If the internet signal is weak, try moving your device closer to your modem or wireless router.
If the audio isn't working:
i.   ensure your device’s volume is turned on and at a comfortable level;
ii.  ensure that the volume on the YouTube player on the page is not on mute;
iii. refresh your browser or webpage and begin the livestream again.
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